Start of distance activity 01days02:03:04
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1. Log in and click on "SLASH NOW" to start the activity
2. Once the participant clicks on SLASH NOW, the price of the product will be slashed by RM25. Participant can only slash the price of their product one(1) time.
3. Participant can then decide to either buy the product at the slashed price, or invite his/her friends to slash the price further.
4. Participants have to click on the share button, which will allow them to share their personalized Super Slash Deal URL on Facebook.
5. Participants can copy their personalized URL once they have shared on Facebook, and may share that URL on other social and sharing platforms like twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
6. Friends who click on the shared URL and required to log in in order to help to slash the price further (RM25 per slash). Each friend can only help the participant to slash the price one(1) time.
7. This activity will stop only when participant reaches the lowest slash deals price - RM99 or when the Super Slash Deals duration is over. Participant can purchase the product at any time before reaching the lowest slash deals price.
8. Once the lowest slash deals price has been achieved, the participant can click on Buy Product and place order as usual, at lowest slash deals price.
9. The Super Slash Deals products sold are offered on first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. Limited quantity only 100 units.